Travel Consulting by Patricia

I have always had a passion for creating detailed and unique itineraries for the vacations I have gone on with my family, whether it is in Paris or Rome or Washington DC.  My blog PPP is an embodiment of the types of experiences I like to have when at home or away on vacation.  A combination of the “have to see” sites found in every guide book and the “special” places that only locals usually know.  I like to mix up more serious history with some lighter hearted amusements.  I’ve become expert at engaging family members of various ages enjoy themselves in different ways during the same experiences.  I am now offering this service to you, my PPP family.  I want to help you create a travel experience that is personalized to your families DNA and leaves you with a wonderful memory.  Whether it be hourly consulting, creating an entire itinerary, providing custom guide services by myself or another top guide or a combination of all my services, I want to help. Please check back for more info coming in the near future.  In the meantime feel free to contact me with questions at


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