Exploring the Ancient World via Philadelphia with a side of Szechuan Cuisine

There are few better ways to spend a damp, rainy, unseasonably cold spring day (or a hot muggy summer or a bitter cold winter one for that matter) than spending several hours exploring the ancient past at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  Throw in a new exhibit about King Midas and […]

The Liberty Bell – A tale of Freedom, Souvenirs & Selfies

Philadelphians can have a reputation as a cynical, pretty tough bunch.  Attempting to challenge that reputation, I can personally say that a lot of my fellow Philadelphians take a great deal of pride in their city, it’s history and traditions.  Of course as anywhere, there are defenders and detractors, optimists and cynics.  As for myself, […]

Turning the PMA on its head… Looking at Art through a tween’s eyes…

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is recognized as one the finest museums in the country.  It has a wonderful collection of American Painting as well as Decorative Arts.  European art is well represented from the Medieval Ages through the present day. Specifically it’s collection of 19th century French art is particularly well known (and along […]

Independence Hall

Independence Hall – why begin with something so… predictable It may seem a bit cliche to begin any blog about living in Philadelphia with an entry on Independence Hall.  Yet any blog that plans to include the variety of historic sites, architecture, public art, restaurants, coffee stops, creative shops and dynamic, innovative individuals that make up […]