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Philadelphia has an unequaled number of fascinating historic sites that tell not only the history of the city but of the nation as well. We are unarguably the richest repository of American “firsts”. We also are host of amazing art and architecture, not to mention a variety of annual events and festivals.

Philadelphia is surrounded by rich farmland and innovative urban farmers. Small Producers are making honey, chocolate, gorgeous produce, well tended meats, dairy, etc. We are also home to very talented chefs taking advantage of this largess to create wonderful dining experiences. There are also a variety of merchants including; bakeries, coffee shops, cheese-mongers, butchers, chocolatiers and more.

As much as I may adore my hometown, there is a whole wide world out there to see. From fun casual road trips (that usually involve lots of coffees and pancakes) to some longer more planned jaunts across the Atlantic. I hope that you find some helpful hints about places to see in other places.

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Philadelphia In Style, A Century of Fashion – Being Fashionable in the City of Brotherly Love

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Philadelphia is known as a city of firsts for many things.  While perhaps New York may lay claim to current day title of the Fashion Capital of the Country, Philadelphia can safely lay claim to a great many first innovations, taste makers and talent in the fashion industry.  As the second largest English speaking city […]

Exploring the Ancient World via Philadelphia with a side of Szechuan Cuisine

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There are few better ways to spend a damp, rainy, unseasonably cold spring day (or a hot muggy summer or a bitter cold winter one for that matter) than spending several hours exploring the ancient past at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.  Throw in a new exhibit about King Midas and […]

A Tale of Eating & Shopping on 13th Street – Five Great Spots

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I love streetscapes designed with the needs of people in mind.  Additionally stores and restaurants built on a warm and welcoming scale tend to work their way into my heart, assuming they serve good food and sell good products.  Thirteenth Street in Philadelphia and specifically the single block between Chestnut and Sansom is a small […]

A Bit About This Blog

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Philadelphia – I adore my city. I love American history, travel, good food and great design applied to everyday life. I love seeking good coffee, book and film recommendations. I love having a glass of wine and great conversation with kindred spirits. All of these things are available from my city and will be featured in my blog.

Philadelphia is argueably the most historic city in the United States but also an incredibly livable city. She is designed for walking. (Her founder, William Penn laid the city out in a grid like plan, making it is hard to get lost; which is awesome for me, as I have a bit of ADD and can easily get distracted and therefore lost). However the city isn’t just a preserved monument to its past, but a breathing, living and dynamic modern place as well. Traditions are honored but there are innovators in thinking, building, and creating here. There is great food, coffee, culture, lovely outdoor spots and some really fun shopping. I adore the way the past and present blend together so seemlessly. It really is a great place to live and visit and I hope my blog posts bring this to life and help you experience it when you are here; whether you are a Philadelphian or a tourist.

I am Patricia and I live with a family as different and varied as my town. My adorable, funny and very dependable husband who is always there to figure out how to make things work. My eccentrically charming 12 year old son who marches to his own drummer makes me smile at least three times a day.  We have an empty room (or shrine as we jokingly refer to it) waiting for my daughter who is an undergraduate at college and visits less than I would like, but is charming, responsible as well as funny without trying to be.  A rescue bulldog named Lucy who is a year and a half and eccentric and funny but not charming at all and a one year old cat named Violet who is always charming but not particularly funny round out the bunch.  I totally adore the lot of them.